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County in England

Between the Eastern suburbs of London and the low lying coastline facing the North Sea, is the ancient Saxon county of Essex. The varied landscape includes ancient woodlands, pastoral wheat fields dotted with windmills, sustainable estuaries and popular coastal resorts.

Across the county, mighty castles, coastal forts and remains of early settlements reveal a long history of invasion and occupancy. Colcester's Roman remains, including the town wall surrounding the city, are some of the earliest and impressive examples in England.

There are many museums and galleries advocating the rich history of Essex. Yet enjoying culture in Essex is not just about commemorating the past. This is reflected in the county's continuing artistic tradition. Examples of modern art include public sculptures, innovative display spaces and contemporary arts organisations such as firstsite. Use the links below for more information on the county. Alternatively, try searching for a district, town or village in Essex.

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