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Pictures of Lilleshall

Village in England » Shropshire

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Historical photos Ready for the next crop>
Ready for the next crop
0.50m • © Row17
Farm Traffic lane>
Farm Traffic lane
1.04m • © A Holmes
Lilleshall Branch Canal>
Lilleshall Branch Canal
0.29m • © Roger Dean
Incline Plane>
Incline Plane
0.30m • © Roger Dean
Lilleshall, Church of St. Michael & All Angels>
Lilleshall, Church of St. Michael & All Angels
0.66m • © Geoff Pick
Redhouse Inn>
Redhouse Inn
0.51m • © al partington
Farm buildings as seen from the road>
Farm buildings as seen from the road
0.93m • © Row17
Home Farm>
Home Farm
0.81m • © A Holmes
Incline Plane>
Incline Plane
0.25m • © Roger Dean
Road through Lilleshall>
Road through Lilleshall
0.31m • © Row17
Canal jetty>
Canal jetty
0.34m • © Roger Dean
Cricket Club.>
Cricket Club.
0.37m • © Paul Beaman
Lilleshall Monument>
Lilleshall Monument
0.41m • © Graham Clutton
Hugh Bridge>
Hugh Bridge
0.43m • © Roger Dean
Lilleshall Monument>
Lilleshall Monument
0.46m • © Andy Stephenson
The Monument.>
The Monument.
0.47m • © Paul Beaman
Exiting the churchyard>
Exiting the churchyard
0.53m • © Row17
Lilleshall: memorial hall/post office>
Lilleshall: memorial hall/post office
0.59m • © Chris Downer
Lilleshall Lime Kilns>
Lilleshall Lime Kilns
0.62m • © Roger Dean
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