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Pictures of Castell Newydd Emlyn

Town in Wales » Carmarthenshire

See local pictures of Castell Newydd Emlyn below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Castell Newydd Emlyn.

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Historical photos First Printing Press in Wales>
First Printing Press in Wales
0.36m • © Marion Phillips
Site of first Welsh printing press>
Site of first Welsh printing press
0.36m • © ceridwen
Red Cow pub sign>
Red Cow pub sign
0.38m • © ceridwen
Bungalow at road junction>
Bungalow at road junction
0.38m • © ceridwen
Cilgwyn Mill>
Cilgwyn Mill
0.39m • © Marion Phillips
Meddygfa Emlyn>
Meddygfa Emlyn
0.40m • © Marion Phillips
Pengelli Fach>
Pengelli Fach
0.41m • © ceridwen
Ye Olde Drovers date sign>
Ye Olde Drovers date sign
0.41m • © ceridwen
Ye Olde Drovers>
Ye Olde Drovers
0.42m • © ceridwen
Pengelli Fach>
Pengelli Fach
0.42m • © Marion Phillips
Looking out from the Maes-y-derw B&B onto the main Cardigan Road>
Looking out from the Maes-y-derw B&B onto the main Cardigan Road
0.43m • © Marion Haworth
Ivory House Adpar>
Ivory House Adpar
0.43m • © ceridwen
Weir at Castell Newydd Emlyn>
Weir at Castell Newydd Emlyn
0.46m • © ceridwen
Bed and Breakfast>
Bed and Breakfast
0.46m • © ceridwen
Up from Adpar>
Up from Adpar
0.51m • © ceridwen
Alien invader in Castle Meadow>
Alien invader in Castle Meadow
0.52m • © ceridwen
Fresh mown grass>
Fresh mown grass
0.55m • © ceridwen
Morris Row Adpar>
Morris Row Adpar
0.63m • © ceridwen
Cilgwyn Lodge>
Cilgwyn Lodge
0.64m • © Marion Phillips
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