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Pictures of Flintshire

County in Wales

See local pictures of Flintshire below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Flintshire.

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Historical photos Disused cottage, Bryn-y-garreg>
Disused cottage, Bryn-y-garreg
0.56m • © Peter Craine
A55 Expressway near Northop>
A55 Expressway near Northop
0.61m • © Peter Craine
Rhosesmor Vicarage January 1947>
Rhosesmor Vicarage January 1947
0.73m • © Rev. D Saunders Davies
Service Stop on the A55>
Service Stop on the A55
0.82m • © Eirian Evans
Lake, Bryn-y-garreg>
Lake, Bryn-y-garreg
0.85m • © Peter Craine
War memorial at Rhosesmor>
War memorial at Rhosesmor
0.85m • © Roger Davies
Ysgol Rhos-Helyg>
Ysgol Rhos-Helyg
0.88m • © Phil Williams
Welsh College of Horticulture>
Welsh College of Horticulture
0.89m • © Peter Craine
Berth-Ddu from Moel y Gaer>
Berth-Ddu from Moel y Gaer
0.91m • © David J Smith
War memorial, Rhosesmor>
War memorial, Rhosesmor
0.91m • © Phil Williams
Moel y Gaer hill fort>
Moel y Gaer hill fort
1.01m • © Adie Jackson
Dis-used lime kiln near Rhosesmor>
Dis-used lime kiln near Rhosesmor
1.02m • © Adie Jackson
Common Land, Halkyn Mountain>
Common Land, Halkyn Mountain
1.04m • © Eirian Evans
Halkyn Mountain Common>
Halkyn Mountain Common
1.09m • © Phil Williams
Egerton House, Flint Mountain>
Egerton House, Flint Mountain
1.10m • © Peter Craine
Reclaimed land on Halkyn Mountain>
Reclaimed land on Halkyn Mountain
1.16m • © Eirian Evans
Footpaths through Coed y Cra>
Footpaths through Coed y Cra
1.21m • © John S Turner
A 55 at Northop>
A 55 at Northop
1.23m • © Phil Williams
High Street houses>
High Street houses
1.23m • © Eirian Evans
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