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Pictures of Leicestershire

County in England

See local pictures of Leicestershire below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Leicestershire.

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Historical photos Belgrave Hall Museum>
Belgrave Hall Museum
1.82m • © Kate Jewell
Blackthorn Drive, Anstey Hill, Leicester>
Blackthorn Drive, Anstey Hill, Leicester
1.83m • © Kate Jewell
Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester>
Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester
1.84m • © Mat Fascione
The A46 near Syston, Leicestershire>
The A46 near Syston, Leicestershire
1.84m • © Mat Fascione
Cossington Lakes>
Cossington Lakes
1.85m • © Kate Jewell
Electricity pylons crossing farmland between Cropston and Thurcaston.>
Electricity pylons crossing farmland between Cropston and Thurcaston.
1.86m • © Mat Fascione
Osier Villa, Cossington>
Osier Villa, Cossington
1.86m • © David P Howard
Footpath at Cossington Lakes>
Footpath at Cossington Lakes
1.89m • © Mat Fascione
Home Farm Close playground area>
Home Farm Close playground area
1.89m • © Steve F
Old Barn Walk, Beaumont Leys, Leicester>
Old Barn Walk, Beaumont Leys, Leicester
1.90m • © Kate Jewell
Vicarage Lane, Belgrave, Leicester>
Vicarage Lane, Belgrave, Leicester
1.90m • © Kate Jewell
Syston roundabout>
Syston roundabout
1.90m • © Mat Fascione
Boathouse on the Grand Union Canal>
Boathouse on the Grand Union Canal
1.91m • © Tim Heaton
Boat House, River Soar, Cossington>
Boat House, River Soar, Cossington
1.91m • © David P Howard
Footpath onto the Cossington Meadows>
Footpath onto the Cossington Meadows
1.92m • © Mat Fascione
Swallow Drive, Syston, Leicester>
Swallow Drive, Syston, Leicester
1.92m • © Kate Jewell
Railway embankment, Syston, Leicestershire>
Railway embankment, Syston, Leicestershire
1.92m • © Kate Jewell
Barkby Lane, Syston>
Barkby Lane, Syston
1.94m • © Mat Fascione
Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston, Leicester>
Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston, Leicester
1.94m • © Kate Jewell
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