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Pictures of Fernhill

Village in Wales » Rhondda Cynon Taff

See local pictures of Fernhill below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Fernhill.

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Historical photos Bridge at Cwmpennar>
Bridge at Cwmpennar
0.54m • © John Lord
St Margaret's Church, Mountain Ash>
St Margaret's Church, Mountain Ash
0.79m • © Roger Cornfoot
The Melbourne Star>
The Melbourne Star
0.79m • © Jonathan Billinger
The Cefn Pennar, Blackberry Place, Cefnpennar>
The Cefn Pennar, Blackberry Place, Cefnpennar
0.89m • © John Lord
Moorland, above Darranlas>
Moorland, above Darranlas
0.66m • © Roger Cornfoot
New housing estate, above Fernhill>
New housing estate, above Fernhill
0.19m • © Roger Cornfoot
Woodland path, above Glenboi>
Woodland path, above Glenboi
0.25m • © Roger Cornfoot
Mountain Ash cemetery>
Mountain Ash cemetery
0.26m • © Jonathan Billinger
The path to Fernhill>
The path to Fernhill
0.32m • © Roger Cornfoot
Woodland path, above Abercwmboi>
Woodland path, above Abercwmboi
0.40m • © Roger Cornfoot
Disused mineral line bridge Abercwmboi>
Disused mineral line bridge Abercwmboi
0.46m • © nantcoly
Crags, above Glenboi>
Crags, above Glenboi
0.48m • © Roger Cornfoot
Bronallt Terrace, Abercwmboi>
Bronallt Terrace, Abercwmboi
0.50m • © Jonathan Billinger
Waterfall, above Abercwmboi>
Waterfall, above Abercwmboi
0.50m • © Roger Cornfoot
Low Row, Cwmpennar>
Low Row, Cwmpennar
0.58m • © John Lord
Old stone workings, above Glenboi>
Old stone workings, above Glenboi
0.59m • © Roger Cornfoot
Metal structure , above Craig Abercwmboi>
Metal structure , above Craig Abercwmboi
0.60m • © Roger Cornfoot
Forest track, above Glenboi>
Forest track, above Glenboi
0.61m • © Roger Cornfoot
Mountain Ash Inn, Commercial Street>
Mountain Ash Inn, Commercial Street
0.62m • © Roger Cornfoot
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