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Pictures of Somerset

County in England

See local pictures of Somerset below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Somerset.

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Historical photos House, in Higher Durston>
House, in Higher Durston
2.26m • © Roger Cornfoot
Lane near Hedging>
Lane near Hedging
2.27m • © Derek Harper
Maunsel House>
Maunsel House
2.28m • © Adrian Boliston
Orchard on Park Lane>
Orchard on Park Lane
2.29m • © Derek Harper
Hestercombe waterfall>
Hestercombe waterfall
2.32m • © Tim Lethaby
Ash and Willow>
Ash and Willow
2.33m • © Jonathan Billinger
Transport caff and filling station>
Transport caff and filling station
2.34m • © Jonathan Billinger
Lane past Crossways Farm>
Lane past Crossways Farm
2.34m • © Derek Harper
Telephone kiosk at Durston>
Telephone kiosk at Durston
2.36m • © Nicholas Mutton
Oak Tree Barn>
Oak Tree Barn
2.37m • © Adrian and Janet Quantock
Road junction, top of Rose Hill>
Road junction, top of Rose Hill
2.38m • © Ken Grainger
Lane junction above Rose Hill>
Lane junction above Rose Hill
2.38m • © Derek Harper
Cottage at Durston>
Cottage at Durston
2.38m • © Derek Harper
Hestercombe Gardens>
Hestercombe Gardens
2.38m • © Liz Martin
Top of Rose Hill>
Top of Rose Hill
2.39m • © Derek Harper
November at Hestercombe>
November at Hestercombe
2.39m • © Graham Burnett
Rose Hill>
Rose Hill
2.40m • © Derek Harper
Lane approaching Rose Hill>
Lane approaching Rose Hill
2.40m • © Derek Harper
Durston Village Hall and St John's Church>
Durston Village Hall and St John's Church
2.40m • © Ken Grainger
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