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Guidelines for community contributors

Submitting content to is a great way to get involved and enhance local communities across the UK.

The service we provide is based on very high quality standards, which enables us to deliver an outstanding service to users like you around the World.

In order for us to continue to operate this type of high quality resource, we kindly ask you to observe the following simple guidelines when submitting your links, photos and other information:

All submissions will be reviewed by our team of moderators before inclusion.

Website links


Not accepted:

  • Local community websites
  • Government authorities (e.g. parish/town/borough councils, etc)
  • Tourist information
  • History and Museum websites
  • Area guides
  • Local produce (e.g. organic growers & producers, farm fresh, home-produced, etc)
  • Media (e.g. local newspapers, TV, radio)
  • Attractions (e.g. landmarks or places of geographic importance)
  • Non-profit or charity directly benefiting the local community
  • Top-level domains (e.g.
  • Sub-domains (e.g.
  • Commercial entities (e.g. hairdressers, banks, newsagents, etc)
  • Sub-pages of websites (e.g.
  • Sites containing or linking to inappropriate or illegal content
  • Sites with excessive or misleading or 'pop-up' advertising \ affiliate links
  • Sites that are difficult or impossible to navigate effectively
  • Sites employing 'lock in' scripts (preventing the user from leaving the site)



Not accepted:

  • Landmarks
  • High-streets / Town centres
  • Images with a licence suitable for un-restricted distribution
  • Outdoor locations
  • Images containing consenting subjects
  • Aerial/Satellite images (we provide already via our Map feature)
  • Inappropriate or illegal images
  • Images containing children
  • Close-up or macro shots of objects
  • Indoor locations
  • Copyrighted works

Descriptions for locations and websites

When submitting a written description about a UK location featured on, or for a website you would like to submit for inclusion, please try to observe the following basic principles:

The following are the basic principles for writing good descriptions.
Good descriptions:

  1. Are concise, informative, and objective, telling end-users what they will find when they visit a web site.
    • Highlight the unique subjects and contents of the site, thus allowing the user to appropriately determine relevancy.
    • Include relevant and specific terms that will make it easier for the end-user to determine a site's relevancy to his/her query.
  2. Use logical sentence or phrase structure and proper punctuation and capitalization to make it easier for users to read directory listings.
    • Start descriptions with a capital letter and end with a period.
    • Use third person pronouns whenever possible, and avoid first and second person pronouns (e.g. "you", "your", "we", "us", "our", "I", or "me") as they are too subjective.
    • Check for spelling errors using the spell check tool.
    • Avoid using acronyms or abbreviations unless they are commonly understood by potential users of the category.
  3. Do not read like advertisements, sales pitches, opinions, or editorial reviews. The ODP does not advertise or review web sites.
    • Avoid superlatives commonly used in advertising, such as "best", "most", "greatest", or "cheapest."
    • Do not use emphatic punctuation (e.g., "!!!" ), all caps to denote emphasis, ampersands ( "&" ) or ellipses ( "..." ).
    • Do not give your personal review of any aspect of the website.
  4. Do not include excessive and unnecessary keyword repetition and other superfluous information.
    • Do not repeat the entire site title.
    • Do not excessively repeat the category name, keywords, phrases, or overuse adjectives.
    • Do not use specific dates, prices, time-sensitive numbers, or similar information that is subject to change.
    • Do not enter overused sentences and phrases, such as those starting with: "This site is...", "Site includes ..." or ending with "etc.", "and more".
    • Do not include: street/mailing and e-mail addresses, nearest intersection/highway exit, telephone/fax numbers, instructions for use of answering systems, hours of operation, prices, or other URLs.
  5. Do not make reference to illegally obtained content (e.g. pirated versions of software and music).
  6. May include limited quotations from a site (such as a brief quotation from a site's about page or similar informational areas) if paraphrasing proves too difficult.

The above information is based on original the dmoz editing style guidelines, and is subject to copyright.