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Pictures of Pentre-chwyth

Village in Wales » Swansea

See local pictures of Pentre-chwyth below. Click a thumbnail to zoom in on these photos of Pentre-chwyth.

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River Tawe at Riverside Park>
River Tawe at Riverside Park
0.95m • © Nigel Davies
Tir-isaf Farm off Dinam Road>
Tir-isaf Farm off Dinam Road
0.89m • © Cedwyn Davies
Dragon watch>
Dragon watch
0.17m • © Kevin Flynn
Standing Stone at Bonymaen>
Standing Stone at Bonymaen
0.19m • © Dave Farmer
Standing Stone in Bonymaen>
Standing Stone in Bonymaen
0.20m • © Dave Farmer
Swansea Vale Rail Yard>
Swansea Vale Rail Yard
0.27m • © Nigel Davies
Swansea Vale Railway (being dismantled)>
Swansea Vale Railway (being dismantled)
0.38m • © Hywel Williams
Swansea Vale Railway>
Swansea Vale Railway
0.41m • © Hywel Williams
Cefn Hengoed School & Leisure Centre, Bonymaen>
Cefn Hengoed School & Leisure Centre, Bonymaen
0.43m • © Nigel Davies
Disused dry ski slope>
Disused dry ski slope
0.50m • © Hywel Williams
Entrance to Bonymaen RFC>
Entrance to Bonymaen RFC
0.58m • © Nigel Davies
Trig pillar on Bonymaen hill>
Trig pillar on Bonymaen hill
0.58m • © Nigel Davies
Mills type milepost near Swansea>
Mills type milepost near Swansea
0.70m • © Hywel Williams
New Morfa Stadium>
New Morfa Stadium
0.75m • © Nigel Davies
Liberty Stadium, Swansea, under construction, August 2004.>
Liberty Stadium, Swansea, under construction, August 2004.
0.83m • © David Lewis
Fendrod Lake, Llansamlet, Swansea>
Fendrod Lake, Llansamlet, Swansea
0.84m • © David Lewis
Fendrod Lake>
Fendrod Lake
0.85m • © Nigel Davies
Fendrod Lake from a first floor office>
Fendrod Lake from a first floor office
0.87m • © Ruth Sharville
Decayed signal>
Decayed signal
0.88m • © Hywel Williams
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