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Historical Pictures of West Dunbartonshire

County in Scotland

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  • Dumbarton, Castle 1897Dumbarton, Castle 1897
    Dumbarton, Castle 1897
    3.25m • © Francis Frith
  • Dumbarton, Castle c1890Dumbarton, Castle c1890
    Dumbarton, Castle c1890
    3.25m • © Francis Frith
  • Dumbarton, the Clyde c1955Dumbarton, the Clyde c1955
    Dumbarton, the Clyde c1955
    3.25m • © Francis Frith
  • Dumbarton, the Rock c1955Dumbarton, the Rock c1955
    Dumbarton, the Rock c1955
    3.25m • © Francis Frith
Historic Books of West Dunbartonshire
Historic Maps of West Dunbartonshire
Historic Calendars of West Dunbartonshire
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